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Welcome to the Cherry Crush guild page
Cherry Crush has a facebook page.

Also, if you have a microphone get mumble at The login information will not be posted publicly, so ask someone in the guild for it. :)
Insightful / Jan 18, 2012
Hey guys, I was bored during maintenance so I made a new forum signature for the guild! I made it as professionally as I could for my first time :o! I hope you all enjoy it <3!

Here is how you change it, log into allods online and go to forums, then click on user control panel, then profile, then click the edit signature tab and paste the signature code into the box, then if you want to add your name under the code press enter once or twice and type in your name. Mine looks like this:

Insightful - Level 46 Summoner

How to get the Cherry Crush forum signature code?:
step 1: click on this image shack link:
step 2: on the right side click the drop down menu that says "Embed this image"
step 3: copy the code that says forum by it and paste it on the forum (mentioned above)
step 4: DELETE the following part of that code at the bottom that says --> Uploaded with [.URL=][./URL]

Raising Cherry Crush

by Insightful on Jul 12, 2011 at 01:41 AM
Once upon a time…
There was a girl named Lezbian walking through the arena, all sorts of girls were flirting with her!
She was a dependent woman and saw many guild names…
She knew she wanted to make a guild but did not know what to call it…
After much thought and consideration between a select few guild names, Lezbian decided to name her guild Cherry Crush. She wanted a guild name with Cherries in it and remembered seeing the movie Cherry Crush so thought it would be a unique guild name where probably only open minded people would actually join. Which is what she is aiming for-- to surround herself with open minded fun people.

The hard part for her was getting 5 other people to join a party to form it.. It took a few hours and towards the end some of them started to give up hope for the remaining people… But she got it done and commended the people who joined just to help her open it.
She quickly found out how expensive running a guild was but did not care even if she only played Allods Online for two weeks… She knew she could do it and she knew she could pull it off so she set forth on her journey to recruit new members!

Then one day some people did not like that she was lesbian so she was forced to changed her name to Noticed.
Noticed grew into a decent leveled paladin and fought off enemies alone in dark water… but it all seemed like déjà vu to her since she already accomplished all of these quest goals before on her main character- Insightful.
After becoming bored with dark water, Noticed quit her paladin after only 4 days to play her other character named Insightful who is a summoner.

Insightful was a strong summoner who made friends easily so recruiting new guild members was easy for her. She talked to her guild members all the time and made sure everyone got along and was happy, having fun while they quested! All the guild members worked hard together and helped each other from a low level.. Now a lot of the members are growing older in levels and Cherry Crush is still continuing to gain members!

There is good memories and bad memories…
The bad memories she had were losing people she loved and cared about due to them quitting the game, or otherwise…

Insightful is really happy with her guild members who stay loyal to her and they will continue to make many good memories together as well… They raided oreshek and DBC together.. They had naked dance parties in novograd and lightwood together… they do astral together... they raid MI and many other things together... and more importantly they talk to each other over guild chat all the time!